Friday, September 11, 2009

Some buzz about "The Boys are Back" / Quelques échos autour de "The Boys are Back"

La présentation au festival de Toronto approchant, quelques échos commencent à fleurir sur le net sur le film... Peut-être sera-ce le film de fiction le mieux accueillis par la critique du réalisateur depuis Shine? Merci à cinecing une nouvelle fois pour les liens sur imdb et le facebook! J'ai peu de temps pour ce blog en ce moment mais je vais tâcher de rendre compte le mieux possible de la sortie et de l'accueil du film!
There's some articles and buzz about The Boys are back near its Toronto Premiere. Is the film going to bring to Hicks his best reviews since Shine? Another time, thanks to cinecing for the links on imdb and the facebook! I don't have a lot of time for this blog at this time, but i'll follow the best i can all the stuffs about the film.
Hicks rose to fame in 1997 with two Oscar nominations for his biopic of David Helfgott, Shine; his record has been spotty at best since. The Boys Are Back may not garner that same kind of acclaim, given the difficulty of the subject matter, but those who see it will remember why he was recognized to begin with [...] [Joseph Belanger]
Since Shine, Hicks has directed a number of Hollywood features, ranging from Snow Falling on Cedars and Hearts in Atlantis to the recent No Reservations, but THE BOYS ARE BACK would bring Hicks himself back -- not only home to his beloved South Australia, but to the theme of family upheaval and the inner territory of personal transformations in the midst of an absurdly impossible situation. [...]
What I like about this adaptation is that Hicks never gets too sensationalistic or melodramatic, instead handling the relatively difficult subject matter in a stark and honest way, always being very tasteful and artistic. He also perfectly utilizes the Australian environment as part of the story with equally gorgeous cinematography (by Greig Fraser, who also shot Jane Campion's film—see below) and music. None of that would matter if not for the head-turning performance by Owen and a similar breakthrough from Emma Booth, his son's pretty teacher who becomes his crutch in his efforts at being a parent and a provider. Even without being a parent, it's obvious how many fathers will be able to watch this movie and relate to the story, because it's an incredibly powerful and moving film. [...] [Edward Douglas]

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