Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Interview with Hicks and Owen at Comingsoon.net/ Interview avec Hicks et Owen sur le site Comingsoon.net

Source: Comingsoon

"Here we have another film about someone trying to balance their life."

"I got sick of people saying, "Why do you take so long between movies?" (Laughs) No, look, it's been very energizing. "No Reservations" actually came about because it was one of those elements when Clive and I, we were on the verge of doing this film and suddenly, that changed. I took "No Reservations" as something that I wanted to do because I really had a year stretching ahead of me that I'd kept for "The Boys Are Back." Then "Glass" sort of happened in sync with that. Doing "Glass" completely re-energized me in a way, then both of us were available, and it was obviously the time to do this film. So I found it really refreshing to suddenly do a quick cycle of films, and I'm ready for the next."

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